The Apogee

by Dysphoria

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released November 13, 2014

“The Apogee” was recorded, mixed and mastered in Kiev, Ukraine at Chaotic Productions during June 2013/May 2014 by Dysphoria.
Drums by Vladimir, guitars by Alex, bass by Igor, vocals by Max. Production by Alex Pereverzev. All music by Dysphoria. Lyrics by Max.
Design & illustrations by Denis Rekun. Band photo by Yurko Bel.
Management by Anton Shuvalov.



all rights reserved


Dysphoria Киев, Ukraine

This Ukrainian band is a barrage of various vocal styles, bizarre time signatures, dissonant chords and chug-tastic verse riffs you'll probably mistake for breakdowns.
It's like listening to a war; strategic, explosive chaos and gobs of intensity.


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Track Name: The Apogee Of Human Race Time Being
There are crimes excited by passion, as well as offenses dictated by passionless logic.
To distinguish them criminal code uses premeditation term for its own convenience.
We live in epoch of the criminal plans performed with filigree.
Modern transgressors are no longer those naive children waiting for forgiveness due to mother’s adoration.
These people are of sound mind shielded by undeniable excuses.
Their philosophy can serve anything and is even able to transform a killer into judge.
Assert that it is possible to chop off any human from the social herd in an absolute way because if every person is perfectly evil means confession that public society is utterly good.
We doubt this is what every sensible man shall believe in.
Moreover, it is much easier to trust in the contrary which justifies all social disorders preliminary.
We have become that evil and criminal only due to human race elected itself as initial cause
and is seriously concerned with self-preservation and historical regress.
Society is no doubt de-sacred, but starting from nineteenth century it had been creating certain religion substitute as an object for worshiping.
Evolutionary doctrines and ideas of natural selection accompanying them made “society of future” as the highest aim of weak humanity.
Political utopias implanted to mentioned doctrines predict golden age as apogee of human race time being.
Track Name: Nemesis Shores
Death-affected world generated accidentally by narcoleptic realities for millions mistakes discharging was abandoned by eternal thoughtfulness based upon rationality and absurd.
I’m slowly fading away, uneducated, hungry, cold.
Darkness swallows everything human-related, so what’s the difference when humanity is being filled with cliché like scarecrow, created by imperfect public herd.
The system includes new-born people uttering with fright and amazement being a feeding component of illusionary freedom structure.
Mechanism shall not forgive the failures more abominable than violation of generally accepted behavior and living norms.
Because killing means individual death, but what’s the weight of single man for us? Forever and ever.
As many new humans as we want can be created by machine with supreme easiness using microscopes, test tubes and nurseries.
So no society shall bear responsibility for members’ loss.
Which means you are lost and forgotten, not due to the guilt of the species renounced from you, but through our own alienation.
When murderer accepts the idea of escorting himself through the life the system shall prohibit his existence.
Track Name: Creatures
Foreseen a place where humanity shall be brought by the evolutionary process.
Making it impossible to imply specific steps on human self-perfection in a most positive way.
Degradation is also an evolution as primitive organisms do live for already billion years, and though they gave a precious life to intelligent species, nothing shall surpass vitality of simple life forms.
The absence of morality and mind amidst the highest creatures sometimes helps them to effectively overcome the obstacles of natural selection.
Priest-ridden society is able to exist almost infinitely until it’s being fed by doctrines of external enemy and constant jeopardy coming from the raging demons of hostile states.
Superpowers’ methods with regard to stupefaction of its under-citizens are absolutely perfect and equal everywhere.
Ideology of apprehension and denunciations to the neighbors keeps the population under supervision more forcefully than dictatorial laws or barrage platoons with machine-guns.
Track Name: Discretion Leak
Do you still hope to conquer the system where flattery and mutual protection beat a path for the right person while defaming into dust the rest of unlucky ones?
Small people, sitting in their cozy comfort zones, do splutter violently while playing patriots and using paper orders to ship the armies straight to death, divide or merge the whole countries apart, as well as wasting millions of civilians and not giving a single chance of pity to external enemy image helpfully provided (oh, well, imposing) by Big Brother.
At the same time people of slightly another sort are sitting in much more comfortable thrones and de facto implement waking dreams of dodgy herd.
However profit coming from their frauds is clear and available only to the narrow circle of most influential persons who enjoy national wealth and laugh up their sleeves with arrogance against poverty-ridden ants somewhere near the human hive bottom.
Nevertheless every bug is blindly concerned in its own unshakeable rightness and is ready to defend humanity’s miserable positions till the last hair remaining.
How tragically it is to notice when cog in the machine considers itself as engine and core of the mechanism, and how united the screw is with those governing history millstones, thereby providing oiled path for rubbish projects of the rich supreme.
And though the engine shall require replacement, sooner or later, within this period a thousand of cogs shall be relegated to oblivion, straight before the memory about the nutters who led us into abyss is also wasted.
We may battle with injustice to fight for democratic laws and overthrow corrupted governors, but the only thing shall remain the same.
You are going to be gutted, and none of your existence traces shall be left.
Track Name: Forlorn
Redeeming speaker, patron of heresy and discord.
Everything coming from the mouth, every sound, every exclamation, every word is a product of verbal decomposition.
Reek of speaker’s efforts result spreads more and more in order to obstruct information field, as you were thrown down into your own pettiness and chose imaginary as frustration instrument.
Soon you are going to swallow relative forms ingested and regurgitated throughout the centuries.
Fallen, what is the purpose of forgiveness you’re striving to?
Eternal tortures are waiting carefully for every rotten step and action made by filthy men.
Would that life be worthy of disappointment of those who had given it to unholy creatures supporting side effect of the most simple evolution way.
As a result you shall face more and more overwhelming solitude, so what shall you undertake when your mouth is fed by worms?
This filthy tongue was telling lies, now being cut off as a sign of redemption for executed verbal parasitism.
Mankind’s body is an altar of acts on causing pain, as well as taking it in full volume until you’re abandoned and worn lying on the bottom.
This is a final stage before eternal agony.
Would you prefer to be forlorn against collapse of your existence?
Track Name: Self-Diseased
Effective virus would promptly exterminate this extra-load at earth, deleting cancer tumor quickly and forever, not allowing it to spread at unimpaired human species responsible for the whole race motion.
And in the moment you feel the blackness corrupted human nature from the inside, a breathless world shall celebrate new stage of people-absent districts where skies are going red but not due the industry waste products.
Philosophy of mutilation leads us to the way we taste the blade from social executor, sharpened and raped, victimized and torn in hell.
This living hell.
Without the perspective of being human beheading verification of selfish existence.
For previous mistakes discharging, and this creation glorifies the emanations of the human race demise.
In the presence of all possibilities available for development and growth of personal essential properties the parasites shed extremities and drown in the sea of biological organisms’ single-type mass being unable to balance with nature creatures.
Track Name: Ashes
After the lapse of 2 million years, as humanity has been sorted out of the animal kingdom.
People welcomed their new essence – parasitism it is called. The majority of human race lazy representatives not being additionally burdened by intellect do frankly parasitize at most deserving of human kind, and they accept with pleasure the abovementioned state during which responsibility shall always be borne by foreign unknown persons.
Non-ability to create simplest conditions for modernization of own life, absolute misunderstanding of technical progress and principles, as well as populism coming from
puppet politician leaders – these are distinctive features of modern society.
Daily conflict with deep-rooted stubbornness, desperate blindness and solecism of miserable worms proudly referring themselves as a nature creation crown – mentioned factor becomes a reason of billion armies’ sheep reproduction with a gift of into god self-transformation given from birth but degraded down to lowest life form.
Track Name: Conditions
Disorder has become a basic factor of life and activities of bureaucrats who invented kleptocracy state and bound dependent population with volumes of transcendental laws and dualistic decrees.
When it is impossible to trust government propaganda machine any more and what happened yesterday may be fully forgotten tomorrow, moreover, marked as non-existing, then chaos shall legally take the reigns of government over the lambs and bald wolves.
You’d only try to come out with ordered ideas in order to reform public principles and for improvement of its mates’ life standards.
Chaos shall immediately swallow you together with your plucks, simultaneously shielding with righteous court from democracy defendants and statehood stronghold.
It also shall find hundreds of reasons, law links and orders which expose the heresy represented by improvement process.
While not disdaining compromising evidence, the authorities shall absorb any attempt to shift wolves from lucrative job and to decrease for at least a little the impact of the power that be onto the slaves.
Track Name: This Animal Geometry
Human unit shall always be absurd creature playing for instincts team as they slowly step back from current social battlefield.
The expected replacement develops into domination of sensual and distorted perception of the surrounding world which actually highlights a human
as certain individual while lifting him to the level most closest to himself.
We cannot comprehend a dissident if coming from the physiological point of view
he performs an impossible and illegal actions when compared with routine human being.
Marginal person is a result of invalidity in creation and maintenance of traditional relations inside the social machine, as well as failure to keep straight motion within a vector proposed by key leaders of social groups, of course, if mentioned are available and not being puppets of grey eminence of collaboration world governments.
So mesmerizing and being eternal, a sticky swamp of emptiness whispers you its tender utopia thoughts, without embarrassment and pity, a man is swallowed by himself alone.
Deeper and deeper engulfment is being injected, liturgy of everlasting retrieval of human projectors.
Moment of verity comes from the path of the loneliness. Disposal and idyll are slowly decaying in world of alternatives.
Finding responses at what you’ve been looking for centuries leads man to hanging like leper condemned by the vendibles.
Track Name: Dimensionless Appetite
Social phenomenon, indisputably, antipode of life is what it may be called.
Useless to argue against the fact that nobody knows most probably in which moment decomposition particle shall hit regular generation.
It’s difficult to answer whether we did need it: spiritual rise or physical strength of intelligent species.
Perhaps these were required in tough environment conditions when survival raised behavioral model of power, mind and interaction with others.
Currently men’s isolation cannot be considered as direct demonstration of sloth.
This is a natural process of dissociation.
Rational person abandons mass psychology which is being inevitably shaped in urbanized conditions of today men’s residence.
Foolishness shall almost certainly become a sister of sloth.
Immobility of neurons may only mean deadlock branch of evolution.
How worthy is such kind of the existence in its narrow shell?
One percent of inventors against ninety nine rates of semi-finished human product.
Aspiration for domination generates a habit to blind submission.
How long shall there be enough resources and single-cell organisms for the dimensionless appetite machine?
Now it’s time to feed the spongers to themselves showing that motion is a synonym of existence.