Satyriasis XXI

by Dysphoria

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released July 22, 2010



all rights reserved


Dysphoria Киев, Ukraine

This Ukrainian band is a barrage of various vocal styles, bizarre time signatures, dissonant chords and chug-tastic verse riffs you'll probably mistake for breakdowns.
It's like listening to a war; strategic, explosive chaos and gobs of intensity.


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Track Name: Whispers in my Head
Voices around say me that
Evil penetrated our minds
Bringing the pride which crawls
As efforts of God counteract us
Hurting the devil
Our crowded world gave him an offer
To give up in front of us
Apathy to somebody called a bastard son

War from our hearts opens up the hell
Vultures are tossing you again
Milk of death is feeding soldiers again
Close your eyes after becoming born-dead

Hatred shall predetermine your fate
Whispers shall lead you
Track Name: Protoflazidium
Watch out, this hole is not safe now
Ignoring my cautions will bring you bad luck
Strangers are in the risk group for you
Careless behavior devaluates you
Doomed lust is our modern plague
Fiction of free love shall annihilate
People not careful enough in
Preserving their integrity

Heavily diseased now
Crawling you want to rewind this life
Hoping for the medicine now
Frippery is poorly unmasked from the race
Keep on polluting your genotype
Over-consuming from all sources available
Gifts of death are inevitable
And the wheel of fate tends to halt eternally

Medicine is your sense of life now
Spend the breath on wailing for the new pill
Of protoflazidium
Track Name: Caligula Bows Down
Infected by pain

A fortress of the youth
We know how much it’s over to you
He does what he has a right to
Consider to forward the world at those
They are ready for reality

It was my fault – now give me the answer
You’re all fanatics

Pound your father again and again
Ever lifted what I’d bowed down again
We are forming through integrity
Into the herd unreal for so long

I’ve seen Caligula bowed down on his knees
Fading slowly, his haughtiness has failed
Flame that had fed his vanity brutally
Simultaneously put him into oblivion
And death
Track Name: Santa Makes Giger's Tattoo
Every time you watch it
Perish the thought again!
Every cow which is lead to slaughter shall bleat
About its innocent god
Every fucking nation already forgot
Of the fallen nature you can see in leaders’ rot
Love the sudden Santa you both wait
Lying late but fight it like autumn opening its eyes
Wait and furnish souls that can’t be poured in reality
Giger chose Santa to be his Lord
Track Name: Penguincore's What You Deserve
Santa makes Giger’s tattoo
Give it to me now
If I could ever see your life
And I lay my burden so slow
Easy for me, heavy-duty, so called, for you
Too heavy to carry for you
So you wait for an Atlas to slaughter your tiredness
And hand over the weight
So you’ll be able to simplify
Slowly I come for careful rescue of your life
You can fuck off, but the outer shell shall betray you
The salvation you may look for in the highest society
Shall automatically rank you among the lowest forms
But wait…
Holy shit, Santa, look at your hand!
It’s Giger’s tattoo!
Everything I’ve told you here
Has gone through your right ear
And has left your head tangibly
And gone to flame
Try saying again about the delay
You have only yourself to blame
Visual beauty is what you chose instead of moral fame
Appearance unequal to your internal state
Shall guarantee your fall as human symbol of happiness
Track Name: Satyriasis XXI
During the burial when I stared with my eyes spread
Infant warrior has received a glimpse of idea
If the war is wrong, then why you're a slave
In your own country while killing dozen of foreigners
This is your war, and I'm your weapon
What a sad lies!
Hold your fucking gun and aim it at innocent victim
Standby, burn it, go!
Wake up to be despised for
Spared guilt on killing beautiful
Shared the deadly dance again
Death is now shining
How many lives have you destroyed?
The government is paying you for being plague
For poorer and less-developed
The idea stored inside you
Which they don't want to be out
and weight something
It's all about genetic freedom
So it shall be blocked forever in blotto mind
With no way to retrieve it
The only jest about it tells you:
“Shut you mouth and be our knife”
Track Name: Xloya's Guilt
When despair arrives, I shall forget
Consciousnesses, sad as I defend
Which display reflects the decay?
Transparent mirror of the man
It’ll never die while bringing the horror
Into your gloomy lives hidden under arrogance
No, we’ll never come back to this world
You always will stay alone
Because I’m dead, so no more attacks and shadows of the past
As poisoned blood I feel eternal wretched despair
Demoralizing of my fate
If all I can say to be undead promoted my prison for a liar
Incarcerated due to Xloya’s guilt
You’ll encounter the real hell, just about to wub one out
Don’t cry, Xloya
Nothing is a fault of the whole herd
Desperate you fall at your knees
Concerned this life is full of tragedy,
Injustice and pain which occupy every your step
However guilt may be washed away
By sacrificing what you love at highest rate
Your slavery.
Track Name: Math Teacher Seems to be Epileptic (Mathfuckcore)
Why are these morbid sufferings and cadaverment dead?
I`ll cast you down to be lost inside the walls
We are the decades of those who dissolved in time
Now I do feel a smell of the wretched veins
They are turned into god’s leech
And stay fine of the same poll
Quench my first fall
And I’ll crucify crying and begging beings
Love to silly death, no matter what they say
Telling gossips for abomination and massacre
Why is it all the same?
We’ll sell ourselves even in churches immediately.
Worshiping meat
Eventually the gates of heather will forever embrace our life
Forever and every time we look into the future
We are now predecessors and future component
Praying to the world of materialism
Being into sin, in and in
Like the signs telling yourself
That your soul is far away
We are still amidst the culture of damned
Easily we drown
Easily we were born indeed
But god is going to failure our human breed
Easily we were born dead
Dressed like fallen angels which shall stay
Buried as our dreams are feet and feet under
Telling us: “You've killed yourself”
Mad bygone god.