To the Perfect Form of Modern Species

by Dysphoria

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released September 13, 2012

“To the Perfect Form of Modern Species” was recorded, mixed and mastered in Kiev, Ukraine at Chaotic Productions during 2011-2012 by Dysphoria.
Drums by Vladimir, guitars by Alex, bass by Igor, vocals by Max. Production by Alex Pereverzev. All music by Dysphoria. Lyrics by Max.
Design & illustrations by Alex Mayhem.
Management by Anton Shuvalov.



all rights reserved


Dysphoria Киев, Ukraine

This Ukrainian band is a barrage of various vocal styles, bizarre time signatures, dissonant chords and chug-tastic verse riffs you'll probably mistake for breakdowns.
It's like listening to a war; strategic, explosive chaos and gobs of intensity.


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Track Name: To the Perfect Form of Modern Species
Hand down this filthy genocide
I am the one who made within this night
Enough of stupid soldiers’ eternal life
I declare this motor paralysis and don’t give a fuck about
I tell ya what you should buy so that all the neighbours shall masturbate
Hate them all and bring them to the sacrifice
Another day another failure and you keep me provoked
According to the medical consumers’ philosophy
Luxuries of the middle phantom working class
Otherwise well kick you out to the social bums
Down to the rate it makes a laughing stock of us
The bad news is I’ll stop that diagnosis that you will not survive
Run in circle
We are in despaired century again
Walk for you
We breed in and in. We bring ourselves into hideous sin
The pseudo-science false to enlighten true reason
Of your disgusting flabbiness, spineless sheep!
Face it and you will get appreciation from the One
But spare the cash
Think about that, now we are also at the bottom and in the top of food chain
Of them, because you just need to watch the infectionable
One pill, drug-born, idiotic, left for dead
Tell me who I am or just feed the animal with its own waste
Cherish the fucking under-human
We won’t see a difference for few years and every problem in this world is
In the subway of the fucking human being
Prepare your fucking gun of your disgusting demise
Hyperactive turning
So that we all could see there’s nothing
Hand down your wretched legacy
Plugged with chords into neurotic inheritance of you, fucker!
By the so perfect for the modern defective species!
Don’t you believe me?
I am the one who made within this life
Enough of stupid sludgers’ eternal night
Neurotic asphyxia of melted mind
Your invalid morphosis
I spread my decayed wings
Track Name: Aftereffect
Every time you move away
Further and further from the utopia
Which haven’t ever exist
And shall never be real
What could be more beautiful than watching
The dusk of every day accompanied by human failure?
Manufacture the kind by yourself
To idealize the consumption
And paint it with blood of your brothers
Blinded by the will of a tyrant
A patriot
A child of god
Desolated, who submits to humanity’ order
Your life is none
You are the highest form of the manipulation
One more proof that people
Do not differ from the animals
Insane predators
Starvation manifest is kneeling
In front of the tyrant mother of earth
The physical solution of loathing and vice
Needs to be imposed to recreate
Premature beauty of the madness
There is something perfect to us all
Irrational consumers of all things living
A gene of distorted consumption
Such a beautiful failure
Of all mankind
The altar of essential needs
In the awakening
Of man’s incorporated instincts
Those who were nothing shall never become
Anything important
But the biological material
For the most perfect creation of the men
Delicious feed for virus
Some people can be proud of being born twice
But let us face the truth
The whole generetaion requires
Life support system
But which highest power
Shall breathe the intellect into the beast we used to call?
Our future brings dissimulation
And leads us to hegemony of the Overseer
Modern man, who are you?
The creature
That even gods started afraiding of
Track Name: War Precursor
Nothing in this wasteland left for life
Discovered hell
And let the slaves fulfill the endless jails
We hope you'll never feel the rest
And scent of death shall always follow you
Children shall remove their purity
My eyes still see
The heartbeat of an injured vanity
I am walking here
I'm alive, lethargic sleep won't prevail
And you're dead
Corruption is my grail
I condemn to failure humanity
Say goodbye to your extremities
I pray to devil for annihilation
The deception of the pure misery
Intellect is our private enemy
We slit our throats
With blood we ruined our world
Impaired humanity's function
Reveal the symptoms of disease
Enjoy your disability
Shall once replace you all
Proclaim fallen father
Why do have I sinned?
I shall be dead
No-failure machinery
Shall devastate you all
Don't you know how does it taste
To wallow in the vice?
My steps are silent and soft
Forsaken children will become precursor of fear
And it's all the same forever
Liar is tangible
Faded by reality's essay
Passing by highest seducer
When I saw your eyes fallen pleasently
When the poverty is set for you
Fade away. My soul is dead
Feeling is the same
Accept the fate and throw yourself in devil's charity
Track Name: Tentacles of the Control
Shadow of the Big Brother
Is watching
Put you under observation
Every time you smile to the betrayer
Everything related to the freedom
Confrontation of the lords
For worldwide control
Like vultures tearing human flesh apart
You brick yourself a path to pedestal
To anathematize
Made of whole world’s ruins
There is a reason of why we are placed on the earth
Human assault
And my purpose is not a consequence
Of destruction
In the benefit of all
I would only destroy
Your grasping dreams
Fakes and primitive clichés
Which you need to control with
Internal issues violation
Breeds despair
I speak of those born to be controlled
I speak of those born to be forgotten
Human-like, diseased and never alive
Inherited slavery absorbed
With mother’s milk
Obedience is unknown
To those growing up under oppression
Issues are being born in the brain
And both dying there
Choice is up to you
To let the invisible hand to possess you
Limitations are tortures themselves
Physical control
Doesn’t equal to the mental one
Apathy desolation to everyone
Multiply your kind
And fall into the sleep
You got stuck in flat reality
Which is denied by the
The tentacles of control
And visibility strangle hope
And rape freedom
Now do not trust, do not feel
These illusions of heaven are hell
I adore my dismal shell
False idols, false gods
Interpreting the righteousness like success
Guarantee they covering their horrible deeds
Jugulating the morality
Track Name: The Fatal Instinct of Goran Zlatkovich
We live and die alone for the progress
There is no place out for the beast
Stare at world through the eyes of broken hope.

People we bear the same names
Torture their souls and variations of carnival masks
And a whore from a saint
Difference in the lost world of consumption
Because that day by the treat has been broken
No more gods, nor faith, nor god
This is it. Watch it. Hell.

Now you pray for setting free
But I’ll never let you up like the face of humanity
I watch your world apart
Who will disclose you from your dark?

Secure the damps please
We shall prepare this fatted biomass
The atropine wretched before

You take my fucking life and nothing stayed aside
But everything you've done
in depths of pain you drown

Taste the stench of life

Don’t you fucking hear me, Goran?
Surgical intervention
I shall recommend the agony swollen
And you’re fucking dead.

So long you've been marking up this earth with filthy stamps
Immaculate - never dying, slowly, directly


I deny the human race
You will never walk before a god again
Trapped in cage of word, religion knows
A cancer that devours

The highest surgery
Abortion of the modern plague
This world is bleeding
Once again
Track Name: Ideological Prison
Got drown in faith
Rise up your hands above the cross where faith is lost
Who is a prophet now?
How could thy sins be forgiven by a single word
Spoken from the mouth of a liar?
Now face the endless era of the tragedy
Accompanied by horde of insincerity
Make them feel scared by your antagonism
Mind distortion by the great hallucination
Break those chains of god
Servants, bow your heads and obey to the church
As well as holy fakeness and almighty deceiver
There's no god to worship, fuck it
You must unveil the layer of falsity
To take a look at terrifying reality
Of your possession
The origin of all failures is
In the blind unwillingness
To think about the other people
In the world of the total control
I stare at your vacant species
But you’ll never be forgotten by the history
Under the sign of your Deceiver
Got stuck in treachery of prayers to your god
Why was I supposed to scream these lies?
Murder the neighbor to spite your lovely god
Every place is a shadow for memories
Why they must survive? I’m faceless for disorder
I am abomination of aborted slaughter
You’ve chosen me to execute the prejudice control
I swear you will be removed
And never returned
Track Name: Stillbirth
Have you ever thought about His Majesty?
Hidden hand that pulls the tiny strings
Uselessness of which I confess in
Prevail upon my generosity
Mark up and violate
And in this wasteland
I crawl eternally on my knees
Pressure of success
Entrail your system
And choking in
I am not an overlording kind
For everyone of you
Narcissistic bitches thinking they are the only way
Through the woods of history
But they will get a slay
We are the slaves
Forsaken hypocrites
And never contradict your servile guilt
I am nothing
Improve the world
Affected by disease
God would be ashamed
To look like this
Wounded soldier
Pray for the mercy
Receive our dark seed
Eternal, unquenchable desire
To kill when the whole world passionate by dectruction
Based on blood-soaked human bodies’ soil
Fortunes of war
You will regret you did it fast away
Something beyond somebody’s wildest dreams
And more than you could ever hope for
I give you collapse as a highest present
Become the penetration
Behold to anger the hardly living
But those who are being supported
By faith till which you will not survive
Think twice before leaving the ruins
In order
To reach the formulated purpose
Pseudo-patriotism is your betrayal
In front of whole humanity
The last son of the fallen father
New religion
Self-titled hierarchy
Track Name: Judge for Condemned
But I wretched myself and undone
Why do you lie to me?
Why are you proud of the critical mess
While the serpent is lost?
Nameless family is
Staring at the final sacrifice, the sign
I accuse you of the telling lies
Upon these skies
Don’t fail the masterpiece of mine
Carved epitaph
As I’m preaching to your herd
Turn on your helpless godmachine
Hands in blood, fallen at its knees
Guided by no one, left for dead in eternity
Fatalist’s position
We're doomed under these conditions
Why do we all serve till we die?
Why do we still assassinate/renounce our lives?
An abdicated throne of desolation
I pretend at the place of your god
We proclaim the end of all
Powers to conquer and devour
Be inferior form
Consciousness shall never come to us
Find the sanity I’ve always struggled to achieve
I adore the demon that you have become
To describe the ages of insanity
Headless statues resonating with hope to find their perfect form
This ceremony of cement resembles that we have long fallen
To our knees and pray to the monuments erected by thieves
Hopeless, left once
Begotten to be hell forever
This way
Modern theory of an apathy outgoing from the social pyramid
Hopess theory
What have I done?
What do stellars got to look at?
Whether it is all a shadow of lie
Wreck it!
Or whether you stare at world
Devour and see what
You’ll do to yourself as a feature
Fill it and assassinate
It is counted for any seizure and way
That’s all you say to us?
Why have you got your eyes dry?
Why have you done it?
Shrike and lay
Statical dismay
Track Name: Genetic Origin of Sin
Trifling sum for flesh-trading
Is a poor excuse
For morality penetration
Once humans, today no-reason beasts
Finally I’m done with the aggravant shroud
Always thinking
The father of all matters
We are lead tomorrow in the past
The easier your life shall be
But this is not my destiny
I absorb myself alive
Self-approach is the only exit for those
Which mind is specified as pathology
Sin is genetic
We cannot forget everything we faced
We are all the same
And I am similar to you
While I do not refuse from the idea
To defile our consienceness
Always thinking regarding tomorrow and past
Of the essentials
Father of methods
What a fucking sort of animal are you then?
Ready to rock through five or six decades
As a master of your own choice?
Or you’d like to choose decaying from the beginning
Under the pressure of consumers
Or society’s moral norms?
There is no sense in hiding of our egoism
Subservinient similarity
Think and live now
Tomorrow may never arise
Children of the father’s mistakes
Grasping, heartless
Multyplying the guilt and deteriorate
We all are born with the right to life
But the only thing we could arrange
Is the place and the means of how shall we die
This is mutated virus
And you’re not the final evolution chain
Sin is genetic
Genetic origin of sin
Track Name: Such a Beautiful Failure
Wash your hands in terror
Save your perfect form
In front of the eyes of destruction
Finest form of mental rot
Visions of the dead world
Also a fake image
I wish you could remain the same
And keep the constancy of agony forever
I swear no one has ever hurt like that before
So that I’m able to recover devil’s fame
I give my praise to egoism
You’d better do not tempt the fate of the divine
Metabolical extension may be interrupted
In a very subtle but considerable way
Drown yourself in apathy and sins
Expendable materials are what you are destined for
Waiting for the darkest governor
What shall be now?
He who shall be worthy of us all
Cancer is your fate
Motivating by three vile principles
To feed the belly
For saving our world
Upon your fate
Release the truth
Show me your true nature
To purify our damnation
The emptiness is filled by your cry
Normal is being justified
As unacceptable
But how much of you do consider gloominess
As a perfect paradise?
Being animal
How could you spend day by day?
It’s your grief
And emptiness is filled by your
Of what shall be done or may happen
Because of the less questions I ask